Who we are

We are convinced that people and processes at the basis of the successful implementation of change. They are the critical success factors.


Therefore employees and processes deserve attention in the implementation of change whether these are IT or organizational changes. The potential of IT, must follow the organization development to obtain maximum performance (Operational Excellence) of the organization.


BAAK Business & Information Management has experience in project and process management and is working in different industries and organizations of varying sizes. The domain is where IT and Organization meet.

The common thread is that BAAK Business & Information Management connect people and processes together. After all people are part of a process, and processes have an impact on humans, and therefore on the operation of the organization. IT supports the people and the processes for the functioning of the organization.



An organization is about people and processes. It is important that everyone who is part of the organization, is being aware of it.

BAAK Business & Information Management "guide your people" in processual thinking. The organization will gain insight into, overview and control over the processes. IT is not leading, but supportive.


It is our dedication and commitment to organize the execution of the processes within the limits of the possibilities, to maximize the performance (Lean and Operational Excellence).

BAAK Business & Information Management is doing things differently. We use in our approach workshops and simulation methods. An example is the simulation of 'The Juice Factory’, to create awareness and experience processual thinking.



IT projects do not exist. The idea behind this statement, is that IT the organization (people and processes) supports and not vice versa. With that in mind BAAK Business & Information Management look to information management from a broad, integral and business perspective.

Business & Information Management

“the art of implementing”

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Implementing an effective and efficient organization (people and processes) and information is an art.

We are committed to deliver result.