I am in Business since 1986 in various sectors and in the area where IT and Business meet and I am active in the field of implementation management, informationmanagement and business analysis.

 I believe that people and processes are key success factors for improving the functioning of an organization. My motivation is to work with organizations (i.e. the people) to achieve its objectives.

 I have performed in several roles such as Project Manager, Information Manager and Business Consultant.

 I am enterprising a networker creative and always looking for cooperation (team builder/player).

 Managing projects suits me. I hold the overview and take into account the interests of all parties but keep always the goal in mind. I am strong in planning and monitoring progress.

 My added value shows itself at implementation of an organizational change (a new way of working) or at an implementation of an (adapted) information system in all its aspects (the connection between IT and business processes).

 Implementing is an art. I have found that routine in this field does not exist; it is all about people.

 I am convinced that simulations are a powerful tool for analysis of the organization and implementing organizational change.

Learning by experience is more powerful than just a training.
An example of a simulation is the 'The Juice Factory’.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask for information. You can call or send an email. I like to explain our approach.

Business & Information Management

“the art of implementing”


Tekstvak: BAAK