Change is a game where the processes are the context and the rules and the players are employees.

The organization is almost always the winner. A refreshing approach that leads to a concrete result. Workshops and simulations are part of our approach. An example of a simulation and brief explanation:


Vision and Mission of Juice Unlimited

Longer and healthier life with fresh citrus juice!


Objective of the simulation

· Experience and naming problems that may exist in organizations,

· Simple example of a juice factory as an associated method,

· Draw parallels with the process at your company,

· Imagine solutions for problems (as a start):

 What are the main problems?

 How the bottlenecks can be solved?

De organizational structure


Who receives customer orders and prepares sales contracts.


Work planners

Who prepares the customer orders and releases the work sheets for the production.



who takes care of the transport of materials, products and provides information.



who cut oranges, grapefruits and lemons.



Who presses the fruit and pouring.


Quality Controller

who takes samples and take care of quality registration.


There are 13 to 15 players in this simulation who can participate simultaneously (more participants is possible).

An observer and consultant look (in silence) at the whole process

Business & Information Management

“the art of implementing”

Tekstvak: BAAK