"Experience Chain"

Our approach is characterized by using workshops. The starting point here is that knowledge and experience are closely linked. By using this approach we like to create a true "experience chain". It increases the involvement of management and staff.



You and we benefit from a clear understanding of the approach. Each stage offers a final result.
The organization herself can choose how the next steps looks like. The stages make it possible to meet our approach:

Business & Information Management

“the art of implementing”

1. The Kick Off

Lay the basis for the launching process of “processual thinking” is done in this phase. This phase is also preparing to place the effectiveness of the game "the juice factory" as large as possible.

2. The Analyses

Making a "business DNA" of the business. Relationships with other aspects, such as information systems, organizational structure and problems are visible at one glance.

3. The Solution

Generate solutions that include active management involvement as the Junin priority. The "80/20" rule is a starting point.

4. The Review

Preparing and establishing an improvement plan and show how to achieve this.

5. The Change

The implementation of the proposed changes and improvements.

6. The Freeze

Ensure that the change will remain permanently where the improvement cycle in your organization is in place.

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